Gary Jones Clinic Director at PHYSIO 206 is delighted to announce that the doors are now open for treatment as they embark on an exciting new partnership with Faye and the team at the Daily Bread Yoga and Wellness Centre (70-72 Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove, B61 0DD). 
With it being decathlon day at the Commonwealth Games 2018 on the Gold Coast in Australia there seemed no better day than today to share with you my top tips for managing your back in the workplace. I present to you the “Desk-athlon” a ten step guide to achieving “gold-standard” health for your spine. Do you want to give that stiff achy back the “high jump?” Then I suggest being “quick out of the blocks” and get working on this plan to help start overcoming the “hurdles” a sore back can bring. I promise no more cheesy one-liners just good quality information. 
Sinead McCarthy, Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist reports that at least 1 in 5 mums-to-be will experience pelvic girdle pain or back pain during their pregnancy, with research stating that up to 70% of pregnant women will suffer. The sooner these symptoms are identified and treated the better the outcomes that can be achieved. Early management is essential in helping to improve your symptoms. Please don’t ignore pain if you notice it! 
Plantarfasciopathy (often referred to as plantarfasciitis) is the most common clinical diagnosis for heel pain. This usually starts as a result of inflammation of the soft tissues that sit underneath the foot and insert into the heel bone (see picture below) but as time progresses it can lead to adaptation and change within the tissues similar to what is seen in tendonopathy (see previous running blog). 
With Christmas a thing of the past and 2017 left behind it was felt that talking about something that lots of people experience over the busy festive period would be topical and a great place to kick off our blog series for 2018…Headaches. A common condition (more than 10 million people suffer in the UK with regular headaches) and treat them with all manner of different types of medication. Have you ever thought about physiotherapy to help alleviate your symptoms? If not then read on… 
You may or may not be surprised by the content of this great article taken recently from the BBC sport website. At Physio 206 this came as no surprise. 
Having worked with many rugby players injuries can certainly stack up. Everything from dislocated shoulders, to ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments to concussion this is a sport where injuries are part and parcel of the game. However, they need to be correctly managed. 
Gary Jones, founder of PHYSIO 206 is delighted to have set up a private physiotherapy company in his home-town. He wants to share some thoughts on his experience of working in London for 8 years for the critically acclaimed Six Physio and how this has shaped his vision to bring a high quality physiotherapy service to Birmingham and the surrounding area. 
Velo Birmingham took place on the 24th September…a fantastic event and great for this city to host. 
I’m sure there were plenty of people after with achy leg muscles as well as a sore neck or back but one very common issue that cyclists report is the issue of pain in and around the knee-cap. “Patello-femoral pain syndrome” or PFPS for short often presents with an achy sensation underneath or around the knee cap. 
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