Behind every name there’s a story, sometimes humerus (excuse the pun). Ours is quite simply because there are 206 bones in the human body. A fascinating fact or maybe just that extra bit of knowledge that may one day come in handy at one of the many great pub quizzes in Bromsgrove. 
Everything is in a name too. Well not quite. Physiotherapy is not all about bones. At PHYSIO 206, based in Bromsgrove, we in fact are more likely to treat the muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves that help co-ordinate and connect your 206 bones together. 
PHYSIO 206 is recognised by a number of private health insurers (excluding BUPA) and we will bill them directly if you provide us with your membership number and authorisation code for your physiotherapy treatment. Great news for the people of Bromsgrove, it means you not having to put your hand in your pocket. We want it to be as convenient and as smooth a process for you as possible.  
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