Back and Neck Physiotherapy 

Many of the stresses and strains we place on our spines with our westernised lifestyles means you are likely to experience back and neck pain.  
80% of the population will experience back or neck pain at least once during their lifetime. A statistic that is quite staggering.  
Our spines are designed to move and like to move. We can show you how.  
Understanding more about your spine and how you can help to keep it mobile as well as providing good muscular support it is central to this process. Whether you wish to be proactive and start a regular exercise programme that you can follow to try and reduce the risk of af an episode of back pain or whether you are sat reading this with a sore painful lower back and are struggling to bend down to put your socks on physiotherapy can help. 
Exercise is the number one way in which you can help to manage back or neck pain. Fact! In terms of the type of exercise does that matter? Interestingly, according to scientific research No! Performing some regular cardiovascular exercise and some resistance based exercises has been proven to be the most effective way of managing low back pain and in particular persistent or recurrent low back pain. We can provide you with advice and guidance on this process. 
What else can physiotherapy offer that has been proven to be effective for the management of back and neck pain?  
If you do a google search and type in "treatments for back pain" it returns approzimately 999,000,000 results (go on try it and see). Unfortunately many of these things on offer are clinically unproven or have been demonstrated through scientific research to not be clinically effective. Things such as electrotherapy (using machines including TENS), wearing braces and using vibrating massage pads are not the golden cure for your problem.  
We do know that there have been some benefits documented for the use of manual therapy, acupuncture and core stability exercises (e.g. pilates) in the management of back pain though again these must not be considered as the emperors new clothes.  
If you have experienced more than one episode of back pain or this is indeed your first without sounding gloomy, the likelihood is you will experience it again. This means you need the tools to not fix this problem but to be able to manage it and exercise is the way forwards for this. Getting advice and education on this process from a physiotherapist, as early as possible, will help you to achieve a better outcome.  
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