Post operative physiotherapy   

Getting the right rehabilitation is key to achieving the best outcome following orthopaedic surgery. Whether you have had a minor or more significant operation seeking the advice of a phyiotherapist early is essential.  
Perhaps you have had a knee arthroscopy (a small keyhole procedure to help address issues inside the joint) or maybe a hip replacement, getting expert rehabilitation is crucial to achieving the best outcome following surgery. This is something we can offer you here at PHYSIO 206 in our Bromsgrove and Solihull clinics. 
We have a wealth of experience in treating people following many types of of orthopaedic surgery including; 
Shoulder, hip, knee and ankle arthroscopies 
Spinal microdiscectomies, decompressions, fusion and corrective scoliosis procedures 
Joint Replacements (Hip and Knee) 
Ligament reconstructions (E.g. Knee - ACL/PCL) 
Tendon Repairs (E.g. Achilles, Patella, Rotator Cuff) 
Cartilage transplant procedures (e.g. meniscus and articular cartilage)  
Fixation of fractures 
Or perhaps you have recently had an injection from your GP or consultant for a painful shoulder or knee. If so, these can be great for reducing pain and for helping you to move better. What it will not address though is any possible underlying muscle imbalances that may have been contributing to the problem initially. That is where our expert help at PHYSIO 206 comes in. 
Manual therapy post surgery can be extremely helpful for improving range of motion and reducing pain. This must then be combined with a bespoke exercise based rehabilitation programme to ensure you get back to what you want to do. This is not just a printed sheet of of exercises but a plan that is unique and evloves to your specific needs and requirements. There is growing evidence to suggest that early physiotherapy input following total knee replacement (e.g. x 3 sessions in the first 14 days post operatively) can significantly enhance your recovery.  
If you are self paying for appointments we offer 2 great treatment package options, particularly aimed at those that have undergone surgery. Following your initial assessment you can purchase: 
5 treatment sessions for the price of 4 
10 treatment sessions for the price of 8  
For more information contact or call 07512203536
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