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We bring our expert advice in to the comfort of your own home 
How on earth is it possible for you to assess and treat me arcoss the power of the web I hear you say? Well I think you would be surprised! A simple Q & A will help to explain this service further? 
How can we assess and treat you at home without putting our hands on you? 
Great question. The hands on part of our job is only a small section of the assessment and treatment process. Indeed it is the exercise component which provides people with a more succesful longer term outcome from treatment.  
The electronic platform we will be using for all virtual calls is called Zoom. This platform has been chosen in line with GDPR guideline so we can provide a secure online space to assess and treat you. We have also chosen this platform so that we can record and send you a copy of the consultation if you so wish. A great way to remember more of your session and to also view your progress too. We will explain clearly how you access and use this free service if you have not used it before.  
How does the virtual assessment and treatment service work?  
In essence not much different to the way we do things in clinic here at PHYSIO 206. Our aim is to EDUCATE you, to EMPOWER you and to allow you to EXCEL in what you want to achieve. 
The initial appointment is 60 minutes in duration. We will start by asking you a series of questions in relation to your current symptoms and how this is effecting you. We will establish what you want to achieve not just in the session but also what your longer term goals and aspirations are. We will then look at how you are moving and how this effects your symptoms. From the information you provide and from what we see we will give you a provisional diagnosis and advise on what the appropriate timescales for recovery are. We will then discuss the recommended treatment plan that is required to allow you to achieve what you desire. Exercises will be demonstrated to you as part of the assessment and treatment process and we will check that you are undertaking them correctly. 
A bespoke exercise programme will be provided which you will be able to access electronically via the fantastic electronic database of exercises we use "Rehab Guru". This will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your first appointment.  
You will also receive a video copy of the consultation electronically if you so wish. This serves as a great reminder for any important things you may have forgotten from the consultation. 
48 Hours after your appointment you will receive a complimentary telephone call of up to 15 mins duration to check on your progress and to address any queries you may have. 
Follow up sessions will be 30 minutes in total and these will follow a similar format. A few questions will be asked to check on your progress and to see how your symptoms have changed. The main focus of the follow up sessions will be on progressing your home exercise programme. Again a copy of your updated exercise programme will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your appointment. 
Who can use this service?  
Essentially, this service is available to all clients that have a muscle, joint, ligament or tendon issue. However, not all conditions may be suitable to treat in this format. For this reason we offer the opportunity of a complimentary 15 minute discovery consultation to see if this service is right for you. If not we will utilise our network of amazing professionals we connect with to advise you on the right steps going forwards. 
What conditions do you feel would benefit most from this service? 
I think there a number of clinical presentations that we see on a day to day basis that could be assessed and treated effectively in this way. They are as follows: 
1. First episode of low back pain 
2. Recurrent or persistent low back pain 
3. Neck and upper back pain / stiffness 
4. Sciatic Pain 
5. Knee pain (eg. going up and down stairs) 
6. Heel pain  
7. Running related symptoms - hip, knee, achilles tendon symptoms 
8, Shoulder pain (e.g pain putting a jacket on or reaching to take an object off a shelf) 
As mentioned earlier if we feel that it is something that we cannot treat effectively we will advise you on the appopriate path for recovery.  
How do I book? 
This service is not available to book on line. If you wish to book please contact 07512203536 for a complimentary 15 minute discovery call to see if this is the right service for you. Alternatively you can email with your enquiry and we will call you back.  
Payment for virtual sessions is required in advance by BACS transfer as we currently do not have access to take payment by phone. 
Inlcuded in the cost of your initial Virtual Assessment is access to a copy of the recording following the session and a complimentary follow up 15 min phone call 48 hours after the session to check on progress. Within 24 hours of all sessions you will also receive an electronic copy of your home exercise programme and access to the "Rehab Guru" app to track progress. 
We ask that you wear suitable appropriate comfortable clothing for all virtual sessions. Firstly this is for your own comfort and secondly, so that we can see how your body is moving and so we can ensure we teach your rehabilitation exercises as effectively as possible. If you have low back pain or pain in your lower limbs we would suggest shorts where possible and if it is a problem with the neck, upper back or lower back a vest top. We will respect your dignity at all times.  
For more information and to book a consultation please email or call 07512 203536
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