You may or may not be surprised by the content of this great article taken recently from the BBC sport website. At Physio 206 this came as no surprise. 
Having worked with many rugby players injuries can certainly stack up. Everything from dislocated shoulders, to ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments to concussion this is a sport where injuries are part and parcel of the game. However, they need to be correctly managed. 
It’s interesting to hear tight-head prop Dan Cole who has been capped 74 times for England, been on two British and Irish Lions tours and made more than 200 club appearances for Leicester Tigers and Bedford Blues report that he never feels “100% fit”. Maybe there’s more in this? It is an eye-opener that a professional sports person who should have a high level baseline of physical fitness still feels this way. Is this something that goes with the territory of playing professional rugby. Or when thinking of the well-known phrase “a fit body equals a fit mind” perhaps this may not be quite the case in this instance. 
This principle should be applicable for us all. At Physio 206 we feel that it is super important to consider many aspects in managing your body and maximizing the most that it can achieve. Whether you have had a recent knee injury, have a recurrent sore back or are keen to try to maximise your potential to stay injury free hear are ten things we think you should focus on: 
Nutrition and Hydration 
Cardiovascular Fitness 
At Physio 206 we promise to focus on the body as a whole and consider all the above factors whether you are looking to get back on the field of play or just feel more comfortable sat at your desk at work. 
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